Whether it's a melancholic rhythm, an instrumental track, a hiphop song or indie influenced beat you can rest assure that Affictionados will set the mood with dust and scratches.

Carl Nordström came up with the name while reading an article about drum and bass circa 2000. The word was aficionado, which means 'admirer of'. Being an admirer of not only of drum and bass, but of so many different music styles it seemed natural to choose an aka that in some way described his approach to music production at that time.

Carl remembers always, and still, being very inspired by the birth of a genre. "Nothing sounds as good as when it's uncompromised and made with an intention not to sound like something specific, like nowadays people say they wanna be in a punk band or play jazz or whatever, but the people who started that whole scene didn't think that way. It's like they just made something completely new and the boundaries were limited only to what they themselves wanted it to be like, if there in fact were any boundaries at all in that moment of creative process..."

His earliest music memories are from his parents record collection and includes Rocksteady Crew, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, The Police and Neil Young to mention a few. Different genres but all with artists who have made big contributions to music history. "I think the most important genre I've picked up so far was hiphop. I might have been twelve or thirteen so I was too young to understand and have experienced those groundbreaking moments of blues, jazz, soul, rock, punk, and to a certain extent the electronic music, but hiphop became like a melting pot for all those genres through sampling. This was like an awakening and the biggest connect-the-dots I've ever made."

During his teenage years Carl played in a punk band (at first set out to play nintendo music) and gradually moved on to producing music using computer software and a growing vinyl collection. "It was great being in a punk band and writing whatever music i felt like, but at the same time I always wanted to do other stuff too. Always glancing away at other genres. I experimented alot at home with different styles, mostly hiphop and different electronic styles that I didn't know what to call."

So what do you do when you can't decide which genre you'd rather focus on? You make up other premisses to create your music around. And that's exactly what Carl eventually did. And if soundscapes was a genre, defined by just that rather than a style or rhythm, then that's where you'd look to find the music of Affictionados.



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  1. -Affictionados

  2. -Album 2006/2009


  1. -T.b.n.a.

  2. -ft Christine Owman

  3. -Single 2010


  1. -Beyond

  2. -Single 2010

photo by Anders Stiltje